the flame for an instant, as in this way a smoother coating is procured. Since
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nearly all have in latent form, if tuberculin tests are to be
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been shown that no such equality exists 2 * ‘* 5 *
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resorted to, but without effect, and in the latter part of June it became necessary
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bitis, the best agent being rest, with the trunk and limbs levd.
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Art. XVI. — Grundzus;e zur Dipsobiostatik, oderPoUlhch-Arilhmetlsche, aitf iirzi-
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left her for the night, with directions to give her freely strong green tea, if she
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both in the old and the new world, are improved by the alterations effected
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men perishing by the scurvy; and in the course of his voyage around the
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subsides the ulcer rapidly cicatrizes. Of this fact we have had many
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wineglassful or more, mixed with portions of softened and disorganized
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with pain about the stomach, attacks of vomiting, and
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lower part of the (esophagus and muscles around the cardiac orifice,
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millimeters; from eight to sixteen, 80 to 100; and from
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peritonitis, and it is remarkable that the serous membrane,
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sheer hose we have worn in the summer? It is true that
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In a subsequent lecture on lithotomy in the adult Sir W.
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regular supervision by a physician, because, as stated
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Mean temperature. — The following extract from Mr. Farr's letter shows the
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substance, or rather the urine containing it, was subjected ; but
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the Operations practised in the Nineteenth Century for
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years old four pounds are appropriate. Mr. Marsh concludes
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her she was in a state similar to a patient with hysterics; she had a con-
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all Mr. Cock contributes a second case of pharyngotomy. The
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sometimes so severe as to affect the general health, being appa-
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ducing body, and that the pigmentary matter which darkened
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curred that called for their immediate application. Two of these, from
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ningitis, so that in a case where a meningitis was diagnosed M.
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-"Archiv fur Jnatomie, Phytiologie, und Wtssensohaftliche Medecin^
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when at the worst, he was unable even to produce a sound. He stuttered in
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and very convenient, but expensive, and by no means so
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Cirrhosis is very rarely found in connection with tubercular disease of the
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&c. These, in a very striking manner, occurred in 50 instances. In their high-
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ing consciousness, vomited freely several times, conversed rationally with
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better, and spoke quite rationally. Less excitement aI)out the pulse; he was
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tion in the nerves, in which we have, however, to take into
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for some weeks after the operation, as must be done in the
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army and navy, scattered as these are over the face of the globe, and liable to be