By means of his method, Bielschowsky (8, 9, 10) reached a
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frequently a sequela of ague, first with deobstruents such as calomel
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per se very seldom, if ever, proves fatal ; but in cases in which life is de-
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coexistence either of scorbutus or malarial poisoning.
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the second stage, remains clear. Delirium may exist in the first, and dis-
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fundi nor ramus ophthalmicus profundus, tend to show that
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brought from the same house or family, the disease has origi-
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A fatal termination may be hastened by peritonitis induced by the local
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and gives the equivalent of three large octavo volumes for the comparatively triflino-'
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no doubt result in part from this movement of the organ axis-
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has related to me a case of this kind which came under his observation.
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In some cases the spasm extends to the muscles of the arm, shoulder,
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frequent, varying in size from that of a pin's head to an almond or even
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temporal nerves; the first or most central was given off from the masticator
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or above, 105° or 104° Fahr., cold water may be emplo3^ed by means of
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"vve have already briefly adverted in a preceding review of a work
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the extent of the capacity for digestion. Remedies which compromise
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they have repeatedly been thus produced, the mere sight of water may be
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may be observed in all instances, whether chronic or acute, in
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bably alwa3^s in persons who are alfected with a morbid frequency of
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able substance in a different portion of its circumference, giving
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pletion from hagmorrhage, the large arteries near the heart are
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got upon my crutches and walked about with it as usual, without having
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greatest sali faction, as reflecting the state of medical
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non-protein substances injected into the circulation. For in-
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marked a degree from the other type which has been described
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capable of admitting the globules of the blood, and consequently
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in formol-Zenkr fluid. Some brains were put into the latter, after
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Extravasations of blood are found in the areolar tissue beneath the
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take place abundantly, the disease never occurs. If produced in connec-
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destroying vegetable parasitic productions. The microscope shows the
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most part, open, but he seemed to take no notice. The eyes were fixed
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ferent observers, and is advocated especially by Herpin,' who claims that,
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In mild cases of diphtheria the disease manifests itself locally in the