tone be restored gradually. This may be done by rendering the skin

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cold, the skin livid. He shivered and did not react well. The count

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nearer wine approaches, in swallowing it, to water, the less

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ulceration caused by the toxine generated by the pathogenic

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adjust themselves to the changed conditions. The respiration remains

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but Syme was the more aggressive, and was very intolerant

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must not be forgotten that high altitude may alter the clinical peculiar-

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proper treatment is to evacuate the stomach by proper meth-

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ingredients caused this, perhaps, or fermentation. Do not

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health, and thirty-seven per cent were decidedly improved. He cites

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some of the worst cases of poisoning I have seen have been

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vors to the grape and thence to the wine, a fact which they

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by thermic and mechanical irritants upon the respiration, which have

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added, is gently but firmly pushed through the pharynx or nose into the

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All of these things go to show the wonders of life, and how

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Just as among the ancients we find among the most renowned phy-

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a very useful purpose. It consists, first, of a large rubber sheet, with

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side. The coast is inhospitable, and only for about four

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relapses, and convalescence occupies a long period of time in conse-

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extreme ; there are delirium and often stupor : the temperature may or

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Patient does not react well ; shivering continues ; nails cyanosed. Hence it was

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infest the body, how they enter, whether by skin or mucous

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cutis anserina. Such a bath is antifebrile, meeting all indications aris-

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the prune output of California is sun-dried, and no artificial

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pears. The dwarf trees are shorter lived, but undoubtedly

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form of broncho-pneumonia that so frequently follows certain infec-

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Albuminuria is generally present in diphtheria, while it is present in fol-

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quired for it by Ziemssen. When it is finished the patient is wrapped

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Permain, Smith's Cider, Bell-Flower, King, Rome Beauty,

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from the cutaneous vessels in infectious diseases, and that during con-

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vous system and the renal excretion is the central factor in its wonder-

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The temperature effect of hydriatic procedures is in health mainly

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same matters connected with the felidse and canids are

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layed for ten or fifteen minutes. Young subjects and adults in light

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were ill after their arrival in San Francisco with acute

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purchased in tablet form, and is handy. It does not keep long

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more or less, as very important articles of diet. The acids

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blood. Winternitz further insists that the increase in the number of

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the normal tone of the circulatory muscular fibres of the vesssels, that