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Therapeutics, at the Fifty-first Annual Meeting of the American

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Mr. Cesar Hawkins said the plan recommended by Mr. Stafford was by

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Asst.-Surgeon B. Davis, granted sick leave for three months.

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syncope. Reference: Verband. d. Deutschen Oesell. f. Chlr., 1892.

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Influence of Medication on the Millc — Houselot has re-

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whether the patient is naturally immune to the disease,

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Alex. H. Stevens, M.. D., &c. &c. 8vo (five lithographs), pp. 93. New York, 1838.

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placed upon ice to permit of separation of the serum.

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Committtee on Papers and Business, and Dr. Bruce L. Riordan,

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mencement, a violent pain which darted through his head, but when free

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fang, greater thickness and opacity, and being traversed by vessels.

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vein, through the left auricle and ventricle. With the

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compare the doctrines and precepts promulgated in your school, with the

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eral, subjective, prohibitive, restrictive, and fiscal. Tak-

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Acute Meningitis. — This case will be reported in a subsequent number.