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each, or two oi £4^ 2s. e.ach, and one of ^f 10 los. Composition Fee
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I. To our great delight, the favourable results of these operations have
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previous misdirection of their studies. He did not disparage properly
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he (Dr. Renfrew) did, w'as first to allow his patients to get what they
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rarely happens that success attends those who, having been placed in a
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regard of all who knew him. After passing his examination at the
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comparison. They have never been equalled, and can never be sur-
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the circulation through the aneurism, the patient being kept for a con-
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ounces of fluid, but a hard mass, enclosing the testis, was left. He
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hand, the country milk appears to offer no advantage over the other.
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a population of 3,728. Clearly, the death-rate of the subdistrict would
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one which he could call to mind of double optic neuritis, complicated
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thereby preventing the mucous membrane from being left in a relaxed and debili-
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Mr. Manley (West Bromwichi. — Both shall appear as fully as circumstances will
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priety of any individual presuming to dissent from or criticise the labours
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fifteen years more. {Laiighler, and Hiar, hear.'\ Dr. Stewart had told
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tents. They are tensors of the choroid, and the homologue of the
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estate having come into the market. Two hundred new houses will
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been so fatal in London since the early part of 1 868 as during the last
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CHELTENHAM UNION— Medical Officer for District No. 4 ; applications, 28th;
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it lay seemingly at the very point of death, so that every time I entered
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off from the motor centre. Softening from plugging occupies arterial
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Health Department of the Social Science Association, by Mr. Robert
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The first meeting and conversaaione was held on Thursday, the 20th.
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To organise the four thousand medical officers serving under the Poor-
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pressions; whilst, if we regard only the death-returns, these diseases shrink
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microscopic objects were present in it; the whole process being car-
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She now (.'Vugust 1S70) continues to suffer from the same or similar
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My intention in reading the present paper is, principally, to introduce
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neous surfaces. Thus a copious drain of liquid may remove a drop-
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this terrible affair. Then came the awful discovery that Knox's rooms
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subserve large public interests, held an inquest on Wednesday at
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nomy of rates ; but, of course, it is absurd to expect that they shall per-
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becoming more rational, exact, and ■ eliable, and the diffusion of our
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The first theory is more especially familiar to us through the writings
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practical instruction in their several departments.
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they were all men of education — men of great learning, of great expe-
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— Secretary: James Simson, M.D. — Treasurer: Johii Gairdner, M.D.
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Cross Hospital (Matriculated Students) enjoy certain privileges. They
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use of tobacco. In France, the same evil is apparent ; and physical
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resident Dressers are elected half-yeariy. They are provided with
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some curious instances in which in several families the only persons at-
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office a short time ; but, since his appointment, numbers of children
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psychologists have had interminable disctissions as to the "veracity" of
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ations on those who needed them. These last were done at one of the
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be kept under observation for twenty-four hours in the urgent and acute
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the locality of each case. Every house reported, if belonging to a