Stidger, I. Read (and Breed, Robert S.) - - - - - - 361
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Right eye. — S. = \%- Retinal vessels small j pigment external
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care of patients with chronic rheumatism. In general, such patients
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care. Finding that the disease aifected the alveolar margin of the
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is cut out, according to Mr Jordan's recommendation, it would seem
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the prognosis is favorable enough to jtistify his leaving home. He should
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potassium bromide (up to 2 G. (30 gr.) daily for children, 10 G. (2i/^ dr.)
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Watson had alluded, viz., that in it the membrane when picked
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the only tissue-building materials, while the fats and carbohydrates pro-
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produces especially heavy precipitates with normal serum, being followed closely by
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char and cannula, a little to one side of the middle line and pointed
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fever eight months to a year before were given intraperitoneal
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oval shape. Together with the cells, irregularly-shaped masses of pigmentary
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from one other person working in a room on the opposite side of the shop. Four mem-
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but exhaustive, and all displaying in an eminent degree his power,
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1 have ordered some breakfast, but nothing yet for tiffin and
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cases gave positive agglutination reactions. One agglutinated
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therefore, control each other. Experimentally, two dogs and four rabbits were used.
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use of anodynes. If the inflammation progresses, as it sometimes
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from our well-established ideas in the treatment of diabetes. Maintenance
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inhabitants has been acquired. This has led to many improvements
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serum, and the idea arose that it might be possible to stimulate the greater formation,'
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after the introduction of the sac to four doses — one on the day of
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question as to the presence of renal disease. An absolute diagnosis
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fluid will be found ; the peritoneum may have a dull grayish tinge
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" Some have sought to prove, that the prevalence of cholera bears
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on pressure, and not freely movable. On percussion of the renal
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time of the discovery of their condition, have been in the habit of taking
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morning, I found the blood coagulated in the heart and great
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May. After continuing two days moderately, the discharge again
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Sig., " A tablespoonful every three or four hours, when the bleed-
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Controls — well dog, well pup. Emulsions were from culture No. 232.
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and imperfect drainage was at the bottom of the mischief. He
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discovered. [Douglas has described a case of streptococcus endocar-
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A knowledge of the proper size for wards is important to