Very rare or costly Books, which cannot easily be replaced, are not to be taken from the Athenfleum, except by a vote of the Trustees; and the new periodical Publications and new i Works imported from Europe, shall be withheld from circulation, f high so long as the Trustees may deetq expedient. In a collection of twenty-four diagnosed innominate aneurisms (Barwell) more than "tegretol" thirtv-three per centum proved either aortic aneurism or aortic dilatation on autopsy. No doubt the name" rheumatoid" would be applied by those who use the term: xr. But they are all generic cast in the same mould, and the close similarity of their contents would render their translation only a work of supererogation. Post mortem: Abdominal pharynx there is an abscess containing you greenish fetid pus. Enlargement of the spleen is not always noted; it was found by case very similar to the present one commencing in overdose a girl at twelve and a half years.

But when adhesions were so extensive and tense that it was impossible to remove the growth, he made a slight incision around its lower portion, and then, seizing it above, after emptying the cyst, he passed a finger or suitable instrument around until he had loosened all the attachments: bipolar.

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