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testation by only one justice, or by a commissioner to ad-

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last fortnight he fell on his left side on three occasions ; had

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ence of the genuine cow-pox, is never afterwards at any period

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Mr. Frank Harrison showed a beautiful series of lantern


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already died ; other cases were found in other prison hos-

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puty-Surgeon-General James Ross, Deputy-Surgeon-General

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retracted in other cases resembling meningitis — for example,

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an article in L' Union Medicale entitled " Diabcte gras et Dia-

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sorcery. In the country they are greatly respected, frequently

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tailed parties of British troops was, from the plain terms ic which it is

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of persons treated by the permanent staff of the hospital, and

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effect on the size of the swelling, which had considerably in-

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ticalJy none in clima'e, my statement can hardly be called a com-

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In all these figures the Commissioners more or less agree with

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A correspondent, commenting on cuttings li'om the Civil and Military

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pathology of vascular disease, arranged in separate sentences ;

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all smoke, which Is entirely consumed and turned into heat while in

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passages in which the word mentioned occurs, resulted in showing that,

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taking by an international convention to abolish from hence-

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Upon this estate, which is quite in the country, a wooden hos-

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ducing my finjjer I found that the abscess was bounded by the bowels

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see him and that he had extracted two teeth to relieve

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such disputes shomd be brought into court, but if ihey were it would

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was no rigidity of the Icl;^, and no pain in the legs except when they were

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to health ;' (-') give a list of the qualifications of those

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charge of the office of Deputy Sanitary Commissioner, Western Registra-

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filling their pledge by writing at least one letter a month to

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to accompany Mr. Lakeman to any town where the Secretary

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carried to the ceiling, and the space efficiently ventilated.

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then cleansed, and the abdominal wound closed with deep and super-

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criminately, and without extra remuneration, with British

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Association not belonging to Branches are requested to

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performed four weeks later. The patient was a married

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N. Petrie. "VV. M. Philip. P. Prebble. *G. A. Keid, C Ritchie, A.

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Tlie undermentioned gentlemen have been gi'anted leave of absence as

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every stage, on both sides of the House, and Mr. Hopwood's

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added to the series of memorials of principals and professors

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be spores ; but no adequate reasons are given for the asser-