pressive of this, the act of smouldering, so signified, conveying
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in its S(Cope to the conditions found in certain mammals, with
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tive-tissue sheath (fig. 21, C.T.). The motor and sensory roots
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A. The nerve supply of the tongue and the salivary glands. In
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asi establecida ha podido comprobar que el niimero de c61ulas de
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ready considered. Pleuritis and pneumonitis are to be treated according
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first with the development of the strength of stimulus and then passed over to a
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aration of the bases of the two pillar ceUs, due to elongation of the
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lares y c61ulas tfpicas del simpdtico. Por la arteria cerebral
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ma}^ often do much good by removing undue apprehensions connected
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torn. It is unlikely that all of the finer bimdles were left intact.
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canalis pterygoidei, others from the internal carotid plexus
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Mes.V.). This cephalic arm of descending mesencephalic root
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urethra, immediately after the amputation, and properly re-
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all diseases, by lessening the power of resisting their causes ; and it con-
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Transient gout is a self-limited affection. It is probably rarel}', if ever,
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sexual excesses, and other causes which tend to depress or disorder the
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variolous ovaritis. In the larynx, the eruption may cause laryngitis
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Diagnosis. — The distinctive features of relapsing fever are such as to
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the affection predominating in the flexor muscles of the foot, equinism,
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desfavorable. Parece una necesidad 16gica que ni aiin depende
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veral weeks before he can articulate with distinctness. The above
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their^ diagnosis, without the slightest allusion to the spinal
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On the 25th his mouth was decidedly affected by the medicine,
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volve the reflex, true spinal, or diastaltic portion of the nervous system,
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minalis upward, but they retain their relative position with ref-
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ramo auricular del vago forman una parte de este nervio y
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right trochlear nerve root(JF) contains more degenrated nerve
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•teries, give rise to the sound, they act not directly, in pro-
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approve of the general ]ilan of the first part ; but we are re-
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tercostal, functional disturbance of the heart, hyperaesthesia of the abdo-
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some of which coarse fibers were traced to the olfactory epithel-
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