rect information, to the reader it is evident that more are desirable.

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and Surgeons of Ontario to make by-laws under the Ontario Medical Act, be it enacted as^

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more learn that the bulk of the old-school literature, rather than

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phatics, skin and muscles. ' Other conditions being equal, in the

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or mixed with oil, into the subcutaneous tissue, into the muscles, or

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in New York before taking this 10:04 train. Sleepers on this train

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excluded and a diagnosis of purulent pericarditis was made, with

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Dr. Sangster — The impression has been created, I think the statement has been made,

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5. George C. Munroe, of Glanworth, asks for refund of examination fee. Recommended

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This was the clinical diagnosis. The extreme debility of the

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injustice to me that evidence was not put in ; at the same time, the case was in the hands of

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disseminated knowledge of the resources of electrical methods in

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Whole for the consideration of a by-law, report or other matter, when the President shall

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building ; but if we are going to lose $2,000.00 or $3,000.00 a year, I cannot justify myself

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clonus and upward planter reflex on left side. On right there is a slight

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cretion must be frequently examined microscopically, say every

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is not held in abeyance ; it is teaching conjointly with Queen's University ; and it confers

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oring matters from the blood stream which may be their ultimate

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antidated twenty years. It is equally true that had Lister hap-

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results in typhoid and tuberculosis. It is a lamentable fact that

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ment of the Hospital, and he was always deeply interested in

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covery has been reported, but with our better understanding of

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brane of the mouth was very red. Appetite so good that he had

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forms qf.the anti-vivisection movement. In so far as its purpose

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mutilation to be given first place over that of legitimate, careful,

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mention may be made of an article by J. Louis Rauschoff, M. D.,

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work. The result of laborious and prolonged study and investiga-

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which one follows to greatest intensity in the region of celiac axis.

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Dr. Roland A. Davis (class of 1893, B. U. S. M.) died suddenly on

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thing as any patient coming in who is able to pay and who does not pay. If he is able to

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I consider we ought to be able to judge this question fn*m a legal standpoint. Dr. Sangster's

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administration of 30 grains of calcium lactate. The author then re-