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phrosis by Dr. Park, in Buffalo, and the kidney being found to be
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pailicularly attracted my attention. Some surgeons were very slow in
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dominal wound from between the two bands. The omen-
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fact is emphasized that there is a wide variance in
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mechanism while raising the general nutrition. Muscular work should be at
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how well nature has approximated the edges and brought about a good
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during past two weeks has had continuous fever, aud on admission pre-
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various forms of contracted pelvis ; and where there
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tract, over activity of the lower centres, especially
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fections ; the drug is said to l)e excreted in the cere-
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which was undoubtedly due to undiscovered fractures, since at least one
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thermometer into the rectum. It is allowed to remain until the mercury
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communicable diseases, artificial and substitute food pro-
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ator and an incision is made two to three inches in length, commencing at
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requires: 1. An active, well-made preparation from a reliable source.
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is mental strength, the next generation will be fully
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cotton-wadding ; no hot bottles ; anaesthetic, ether. One-half hour after
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called in, but surgery gave no hope. On the fourth day
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TuESD.w, Scptrmher 6//;.— Bufi'alo .Academy of Medicine
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ters of Hong-Kong, in which too our Indian brethren reside, and the filthy
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and strychnine hypoderniically. If restless he should
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muscle plane of the internal or external rectus ; and
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in the upper lobe of the left lung. The branches of the pulmonary
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rial Royal Society in Vienna ; and that, thirty years afterward , Virchow,
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bacilli may finally become clumped and immobilized or only a small
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tlic patient quite satisfied to close the proceedings
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cussion following Klemperer' s paper Nietze and Fiirbringer called attention
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;nd if so, to develope, practise and propagate the great medical evangel,
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and in the grave alcoholic insanities such as the de-
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habitually eat raw oysters, for instance, it is found
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cient, though in painful conditions the application of
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cated the condition as one of movable right kidney with
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ends. The bones at the seat of fracture were freed,
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shows the two moist spots ; the child learns to imi-
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1/200 of a grain and increased the dose to i/ioo grain, at
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lacia. [The late development and the absence of positive signs of rickets