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The more recent papers dealing with Huntingdon's chorea,

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prevented from taking food by the mouth. Grasius advises "from

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bellar tumor, Clark, L. P., 370; a case of spindle cell sarcoma of the dura

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In acute perforating appendicitis with diffuse septic peritonitis,

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dignities or honors that are awarded by competition, examination,

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of the abscess cavities were absolutely sterile, as sho^^ni by cultiva-

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Obstetrical Pathology. Dr. Williams and Staff (Repeated two

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mature death of thousands, and the still larger number who sur-

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Walter M. Kraus. A sensory distribution of the tri-geminal nerve.

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lished some twenty-five years ago a magazine article on a ^^musical

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of county medical societies — men, some of whom are prominent

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preliminary note, may I, in a few words, characterize its disorgan-

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cord and a meningo-myelitic focus of the lumbar region were en-

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practical information so arranged and worked as to be easily mas-

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yellow atrophy of the liver, and is unchanged in yellow fever. The

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Hospital lot: — the Pathological and Clinical Laboratories,

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The classification of diseases into surgical, and otherwise, is

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The catalogue will be mailed free to any physician or medical student

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from October to the Christmas recess, the second from

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would seem that immunes would be plentiful for the mosquito ex-

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tional Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis,

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Hanford, S. C, 274; Hildreth, W. H., 108; Holbrook, W., 486; Homans,

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act and talk with more intelligence, his nerves are strengthened,

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tests of 1,618 white school children (751 boys, 867 girls) in the

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fact that you add the water yourself— paying for only the

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most powerful that could be purchased, and we are now able to care for all

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factor of the less favored; the State of Texas an honorable, able

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don. Berg has shown that the }X)sition of the feet in the early

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M. D., University of Virginia, 1889. Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Gyne-

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bladder contained half an ounce of bile. Liver, kid-

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The current is turned on gradually by means of a rheostat until

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times it may be the prominent symptom and may be constantly

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till the tinnitus begins or it is difficult to hear an

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them. It appears that Head, by a series of experiments the most

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decided to induce abortion in order to save her life. All the

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abdomen. The temperature was 103.2 degrees F., but in spite of

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compression sounds of KorotkofF. — Ibid., 1918, xlv, 565.