these reports are received from medical providers for whom time may be inade-

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other. Each ulcer was a little excavated, presenting

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easily and successfully treated. I can’t let it pass that

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to cure his piles in two years and more. In that time I find by an

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those who are will be able to return to their families

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portion of the colon. Partial decompression was performed and

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which members of the Association may participate or be in-

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parturition, infantile diseases, etc. But there are cases in which there

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Ligature of the lingual artery for primary hemorrhage is probably never

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paper, it seems, as far as I know, that Mr. Lawrence

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1. Moore HV: Complications of thoracentesis and tube thoracotomy, in Cordeele

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phosphorus" ; and have asserted of some wines, that

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of its effects. Since that time, it has been tried in

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With Appendix, including Statistical Tables of the Patients under Treat-

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knee. I am inclined to believe that the tendency to diseases of the artery, as Ui

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About 30 minutes after the patient arrived the shift changed

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The second is specimen No. 76,^ presented by M. Guersant to the

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so that when discharged into deep water it will be practically innocuous.

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fact, there’s a good chance you’re bored stiff already.

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5. Where muscular atrophy has taken place, to make a detailed examination

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agnosis. The family physician, of course, had the long-

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inseparably connected acts. If we converge the eyes,

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viously been argued that surgical therapy of abdomi-

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scopic and otherwise ; of the solid and liquid culture-media employed,

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submitted, considered it the result of the action of sulphuric acid, and expressed the

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time in labor, because of sequelte traceable directly or indirectly to the

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Unfortunately for the cases operated upon, the accoucheur is seldom the

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stood injury, as it is commonly considered. Mr. Lucas discusses the sub-

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sloughed in two, was perforated in five, was vascular

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sented solely for the purpose of emphasizing the issues presented.

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of blood were taken from the arm of a healthy brother of the patient, and

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councilors. Following the election of councilors during the an-

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the author is defending himself and his art against possible adverse criti-

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ache, and violent vomiting. Blood taken with great care from the sound skin of the

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Neutropenia: Patients should be told to report promptly any indication of

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became less frequent and violent, and she finally recovered.

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porary convulsive attacks, I have seventy-two other

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whatever that his appearance in person here will ob-

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works. That the local productions have in so many instances thriven

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both eyes, of five days' duration. The patient com-

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