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sions, as usual, but has had none since, and has not attempted
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aqueous humor caused no pain at all. A two-per-cent solution
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cently there have been repeated observations of cases in which a genuine poly-
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1. The HEAD OF THE FEMUR may be eroded, hollowed out as
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Through the paternal branch he is associated with the
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was followed by a course in the University of Paris, France, where
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ity of his own profession. All this made no difference to him, for
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affected joints, and the faradic current to the atrophied muscles.
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he engaged in the private practice of his profession in New York
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The zinc gutter splints should be preferred. The metal is
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summer of 1882, but noticed that prolonged walking caused dis-
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intelligent interest and aid. He labored with untiring zeal as stu-
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able prominence in all the essentials necessary to make a
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life. We may also mention in this connection that epistaxis is not very
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Bayonets have a straight styloid blade with a slender
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\Read before the Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society, February, 1883.]
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believers numbering upwards of forty millions : to all these
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showed that the wound had healed by first intention. Three of
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head, a sense of walking on the air, and slight trances, when it was im-
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In accordance with this vote, the following physicians were
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In closing, I would mention with gratitude the courtesy of the
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Michigan Homoeopathic Hospital, where he remained for one year,
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accepted the editorship of the Archivei of Gynecology and
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paper for this meeting of the society, I was feeling very indig-
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is that there are also lighter forms of osteomalacia which manifest them-
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diseases, as well as of severe and fatal cases. It is probable that epi-
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like appearance. Here he gives private instructions in
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line that, prolonged outwards, would reach the ischium,
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1863, Dr. Rochester delivered an address to the graduates of the
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r-.i;ivnl. Inr iim- 11 his spe. iai Inan.h of Miryery.
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and skill in meeting unlooked-for diHiculties. In this, as
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tionary Army ; Henry St. George Tucker, President of
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him in papers read before societies, and in articles contributed to
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I ought to have examined the urine of this patient at the time of
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of anaemia of the spinal cord there is paralysis, more or less com-
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existence, and made for its author an immediate reputation
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away proportionally in flesh, had no fever, and her chest exhib-
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any influence, and, if so, will the spasms recur ? Was the
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those who go to dispensaries. My memory tells me that such