Social and Political Sciences; Professor of Criminal Anthropology in the

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True I have seen them go on to a progressive deterioration after

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in some cases good ones. He attributed this uncertainty of action to slow

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similar to the magnifying of the movements themselves. If the paralysis of

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given, so that by the time a child is a year and a half or two years

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five was in the hospital with a well-marked attack of chorea. He mani-

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stances have been greatly improved. There is no doubt that a want of

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the ear, and by fluctuation. All these indications may be deceptive, how-

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appear in the blood to affect nutrition and thus bring about these exten-

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operation; one three months, and one four months after operation: while

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The urine in this case was repeatedly and carefully examined ; its color

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probable that the diabetes was the causative factor, the appearance of

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of a more serious condition, and in which radium is to be applied,

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acute necrosis of childhood, and osteomyelitis during growth of bones" —

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of excitement in mental disease. Digestion and circulation are rarely inter-

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New York Polyclinic for examination, and Dr. Tuttle, who examined it,

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The most uncommon of all are the double monsters of class D, in

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but will last at least three times as long as after the use of apomorphine.

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quantity of red blood cells and solids, in constant varia-

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the first Psychotic episode, but this is the exception and not the

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The adhesions were separated and the denuded surfaces covered

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Prof. Trendelenburg, toward the end of last year {Munchener medizin-

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had grown centripetally so as to cause dilatation. In Case 3, the

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operation than before; in all the rest the hearing was unaffected by the oper-

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uterine wound properly, requires much more time — i. e., five or six

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be discussed as fully as possible, for it a practical solution of a

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