moving. Keep in the open air. The supper will consist of
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was the pain very severe, when a true colic came on, which
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think of fourteen days to Europe!) was as calm as a river,
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water over the head and spine of a neurasthenic of the excitable type
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('2) Through what channel or channels does the bacillus enter ?
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increase of red blood cells amounted in fifty-six individuals to 1,860,000
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(2) Presenting the Ajypearances of Broncho-pneumonia. — This vari-
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How did the thyroid act ? Thyroid contains colloid matter
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by thermic influences as the cutaneous vessels, and that it is very
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intervals over successive parts of the body, will afford the best results.
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whole number of species of toadstools. As to this great num-
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already used it to frequent irrigation, on account of the alleged gastric
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produce, and the resistance the animal body offers to them,
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])oultice is no longer needed to aid in localizing the infection.
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upper portion. Upon the blanket is spread an old linen sheet (cotton
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nected with the plant that their idea was that the fumes were
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The child is snugly wrapped in the damp sheet, which may be made
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the subsequent chapters which shall deal with the piractice of hydro-
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contusion of the hand or of the foot, when the integument and flesh
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our people taking to nuts as food. Of late years wheat has
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tory tract, more favorable to tubercular infection. Dock and Chad-
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arterial tension. The respirations are increased and the tem-
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perature difference. But, aside from their therapeutic effect, ablu-
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22. Pressing the sheet firmly to his side with the right arm (Fig.
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testinal disturbance must be met speedily by the use of antiseptics,
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that water is an orthodox remedy, having been first dilated upon in
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nated from the organism. The so-called "curative power of fever"