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One of the worst — if not the worst — evil in our medical

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fever knew full well that such a loss of will power generally meant

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Causes. — Very few patients go through a siege of sore throats

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some time been a matter of routine with me to preserve for microscopical

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have pronounced tuberculous histories. One had two brothers and

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William White. The mass was found to be a nodular growth in the anterior

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succeeded in cutting her throat with a broken window pane. This

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died of accident or acute disease, into guinea-pigs. From the results

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tical purposes of life. Says an eloquent writer, " Hitherto

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local conditions, or to post-operative wound infection.

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their best revolutionary generals, Generales Juuio, Julio, y Agosto,

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even with this sanitary arrangement, the room need not be cheer-

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described (Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, May 24, 1919, 72, ISTo. 21,

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The advent of the holiday season each year makes for disrup-

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* Clinical Report before the Society of Physicians and Surgeons, of Louis-

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municipality to provide for the family. In many cases a letter of

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ing in many countries for a number of years. Italy by methods of