interior of the cyst, which, under unfavorable circumstances, might lead

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and no signs of nervous disease could be traced in the case. During the periods

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A Toast, Read at tlie Fifty -Sixth Annual Meeting of

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cation, or the family is dysfunctional for one reason

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subject, conclusions which were introduced in the third American edition

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112. Otto Beselin. UeberRefraction und Grundlinie der Augen, etc.. Arch. f. Augenh.

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Butlin says that the examinations which he has made of old inflamed,

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wards of the City Hospital, from July 1 to Oct. 1, 1884, and to Dr. W.

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tion, plutonium production, and bomb development. 1

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in the Aix Hospital had a traumatic aneurism of the

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liarities. After a description of the methods of microscopical examination pur-

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panded to protect patients in other types of group health plans.

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Surgical gastrointestinal consultation was obtained, and at col-

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that remedy. He had had no relapse when I saw him again some time

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From s, study of these two cases he draws the following conclusions :

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earned income, too; I forget. But at least for purposes

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that at present there are 4762 fewer deaths in Paris

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from the liver and the pancreas, and dilatation of the excretory ducts in


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Marketing experience has revealed several cases of neutropenia or agranulo-

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tion that the iodoform exists either in whole or in part in the dried scales

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about recently and in some localities is rapidly sup-

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had she lived away from the city, and could have gone to her home com-

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tity because none of the conditions or toxicants just

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a clinician, such as another sexually transmitted dis-

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eight or nine days before his death, CPHP never came up.

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and the compression has enabled us to explain very grave respiratory troubles

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Approved in concept a joint venture with State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company

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diseases of these glands is as follows: 1. Simple hypersecretion; 2.

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is felt here, until the fluid in the small intestine has accumulated in bulk