lular tissue, to produce the same effect in the neighbouring blood-vessels.
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oil is preferable, as it is made more Hfieedily, and keeps better. It ie
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set of muscles in action. The muscles of the lower part of
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wliirh lilonc the plant was recognized as offieinal. The oil as first
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ward upon a porcelain plate» should yield a faint aromatic odour as the
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m others quite relaxed, and either empty, or distended with blood. The
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Figure 3. Results of blood cultures in 62 mice, 28 of which were treated antibac-
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scientific workers— to one and all, throughout the length
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from running. Dr. Willich says of dancing 'f this violent
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profession, but they have nearly all differed as to what "that quod nutrit is.
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sjalem, stimulant both lo the circulation and nervous centres; and it is
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ebral phenomena are at their height, it is in a greater or less degree
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Btrychnia insoluble; but none has siullieieut experience in it.s favour to
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where it is largely cultivated. The tree has been introduced into other
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fbnnd to tolerate the remedy. The diminished sensibility of the muscles
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especially in the flat pieces, which are almost always quite free from it
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increased with the more prompt and powerful stimulation ; and hence
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over, it will be the best food, and as such was very freely
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fresh fruits cannot be obtained. The sugar in which they are
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The dose of the powder Ih from half ii (imchni to l.vvo ilrtii>ltiiip. tlirin'
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Excessive t^wealing^ constipation of the bowels^ a feeble digestion and
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as a dressing for irritable or inflamed ulcers, excoriated surfaces, and
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circumstances, would be an incrc^ase of the inflammation or of the hem-
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then only, will be the time to support his strength and pre-
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Effects on the System. As galls contain a very largi> proportion of the
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condition not unfrequently exists in the convalescence from acute dis-
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appreciated by Aretaeus, when he gave minute directions
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coffee. Much has been said and written on the comparative
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the form of the dress is that it may be so made as to prevent