receiving better medical care than before the plan was

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trated with lithographic plates. It is printed in clear type, on

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Thursday night, January 14. The meeting, held on the

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From the Laboratory of Experimental Endocrinology, School

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the possible toxic manifestations. Especially to be emphasized is the fact that the benefits to be obtained

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Coronary Artery Occlusion in Bacterial Endocarditis

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white, complete control of the infective process has

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many attemps to obtain a perfect dressing for suppurative condi-

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article on “Diagnostic Pitfalls in Rectocolonic Disease”

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traffic follows. This illicit commerce in ‘white’ drugs

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lander’s bacillus, the streptococcus, or the staphylococ-

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from convalescent donors are very valuable, especially

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murmur and thirty-three cases of systolic mitral regurgitant mur-

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])eople, or persons in a state of great debility, and which are

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that, in retrospect, the life of today and yesterday will

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April 13, 1942, which nullifies the Act of July 10, 1935,

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any violation of ethics that they have “leaned over

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during the past six years represented a warning as to

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blanks, address Dr. Paul Titus, Secretary, 1015 High-

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increased within a few hours and the edema disappears within a

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Case III. — Mrs. A. T., aged 55, had been more than fifteen

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sophical Society, and of the Zoological Society of Philadelphia. W. B. Sanders,

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in either direction between the blood and the tissues. -

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appear. This physician was called for his special knowledge and

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Nine health mandates for tired and rundown business

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one-fourth are concealed from the examining finger by

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more powerful, fly faster, and fly higher, the medical

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lobe is re-expanding and apparently will fill the remain-

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neighbor to state-owned general hospitals has little

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because of this favorable effect that x-ray has in pre-

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ernment and the states has never been settled. It has

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to stay at home. He fills a very important place in

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In another group, with positive skin test and positive

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24. Smith, S. G., and Martin, D. W. : Cheilosis Success-

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On this question I suggest that the unyielding advocates

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and to introduce Mr. Ralph Davies, the subject matter

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injury could be presented to demonstrate the impor-