of the year, in respective order: March, April, May,
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that the drop in tests was due ic the patient's improved
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observed : After cutaneous irritation the lower lung
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that the new chemistry building is largely due to his ef-
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No. 6c6. Miinchener medizinische Wochenschrift. 1910, 27^
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in these cases, because in the whole field of psychi-
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ciated with slight pyrexia, suggests the possibility
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responding to an annual death rate of 15.6 in a thousand of
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by forty-eight feet long. Large as is this area, they
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been proved bacteriologically to have plague. There
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day. December 4th, Dr. R. E. Van Naten, aged seventy
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permits the longitudinal fibres of the bronchial mus-
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iginal conclusions. Even if we grant that under the
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As will readily be anticipated, the appallingly de-
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of drinking- it, great difficulty would be experienced
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6. The Significance of Cardiorespiratory and Subclavian
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appreciated by a study of the blood and by the size
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tablished bismuth method, it will find a place in con-
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organs of the body are, in health, constantly being
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ma; moderate engorgement of the veins; very slight arteri-
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pletely round and placed in the anterior, posterior,
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teur hypnotists and healers in the exact use of men-
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The dura surrounding the pale portion also slightly above
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of this society are : President, Dr. C. Johnstone Impera-
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fall into the hands of alienists, where it belongs.
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cent, solution of hydrochloride in do.ses of two and
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and aery meteors; the mysterious sky itself was the
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tricuspid valve was relatively incompetent ; aortic valve a
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comparative morphological, physiological variations
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sions I'affirmer, de fortes presomptions nous portent a
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eign bodies, lithotripsy, puncture, suprapubic sec-
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The theoretical basis of this treatment is that the
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proximate apposition, and removed the splinters and shreds-
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second series of fifteen cases with no deaths, with
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longed which would have inevitably been lost, under
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tests for purity, except for a small white precipi-
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sumption of sugar and starch, as carbohydrate tolerance is known
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lesion on the finger. By the second day the rash had faded
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displayed in the popular 'rumours' and 'reports' of
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Bundesen, H. N., First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.
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normal constituents or by the addition of something-
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October 7th. 0.5 gramme "606" October 10, 1910. Im-
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