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(From the Pathological Laboratory of Mount Sinai Hospital.)

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far better to make notes of injuries and conditions

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tion when a movable kidney, pyelonephritis, ureteral

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said that the value of the substance was $2,500,000 an

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mittee of One Hundred will be appointed as the official

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and on the 14th they were decidedly smaller and not pain-

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Under Domestic Postage Kates, $5; under Foreign Postage Rate,

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cian, philanthropist, publicist, and politician, regard-

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of alcoholic vapor w'ill be contained in the oxygen.

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of the rest of the content of consciousness. During

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formed without delay and before the patient becomes

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The Elmira, N. Y., Academy of Medicine held its an-

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dition. His attending physician. Dr. Johnston, reported

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berculosis in the various countries. The conference is un-

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at Rainbow Lake, N. Y., by the Independent Order of

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Dr. Samuel D. Risley has been elected as the represen-

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invaders, and the probability is that only a limited

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the gallbladder, and on the duodenum. When the abdo-

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and syphilization appear to be the accepted factors

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Since according to this theory each epileptic seiz-

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humidity ; temperature ; sunlight ; character of soil ;