the patient as of the gravest import. Authorities differ as to the
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Netter" said that he had observed the characteristic reaction after in-
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infection through ingestion of products coming from tuberculous cat-
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vals, in order for a physician to maintain his license to practice
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ring in civil life, and it is safe to say that many of the methods in
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cases where we wish to run tlirough but a short space. For
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tongue instrument in the mouth about five to ten minutes,
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Some latent tuberculosis alone may constitute what we vaguely term
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Hawaii Medical Journal— Vol. 45, No. 7— July 1986
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PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONITIS: Recommended dosage is 20 mg/kg trimethoprim and 100
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tion, the movements of the lungs are brought into play. Occasion-
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are naturally without result when the organ has become sclerosed.
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1001 Bishop Street, Pacific Tower, Suite 2760, Honolulu, HI 96813
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found depression has been reached. Feoktistow and others have
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competent professional service to your hearing impaired patients.
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of venereal infection, by humane but strict laws must, of necessity,
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ture, and has suggested the name " disseminated interfibrillary fatty degen-
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That all the ether organs of the body, such as skin, ear, eye, the
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In the interest of demographical science, and in the hope of dis-
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sj)ecial effects follow therefrom. Accessory processes probably are
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suddenly increase again at the time of attacks of malaria and during
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was employed. The dose is as before, and the duration of treatment from
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days, their frequency depending upon the patient's condition. A
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whatever might evolve as a result of that experiment.” Panofsky
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Araujo {Brazil-Medico, July 27 and August 3, 1918, 32, No. 30-31,
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■poles,, using the long cord, with P. P. Treat thrice u week.
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May 9, 1919, 43, 'No. 16, p. 417) to warn that several repetitions are
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In 1894 Eemy related a case of inocnlation tuberculosis produced
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Salomonsen : Xordisk medicinsk Archiv, 1879, Xo. 19.
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31st she complained of palpitation of the heart, which had kept her
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scopic signs. However, the patient had no fever and her general
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The use of opium is certainly a valuable means of aborting an attack
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hot flat-iron, and pass the crape through the steam
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of the disease it generally occurs toward early morning, at two or
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months, while tlie immunized male rabbit is absolutely unable to
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to reflect the demographic differences in lifestyle between the