in all labors and at any stage where the pains are slight,

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the alarm that vague suspicions excite. We feel sure

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the cases. The puncture was carried on with all the details

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thirds of the work. Only a few pages at the close are given to

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numbers of typical plague bacilli, apparently perfectly pure, were

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young women to-day are being dosed with bitter tonics

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Cases 48 and 49. — Case 1, operator. Keen, 1891 ; Case 2, opera-

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Australia. — E. C. Hobson, M. D., Naturalist to the Colony of Van Die-

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it is amazing that no restriction has yet been placed

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of at least one-third of the cases and possibly more.

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Widal from the child was negative in 1 to 10 dilution on the

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low specific gravity. There are no.cardiovascular changes, but

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umplex, inflammatory glaucoma where iridectomy has failed,

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subcutaneous layers of the rest of the limbs. If a purulent collection is

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probably more or less well known, rather than adduce

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nine (two scruples). No sooner had the first symptoms of poisoning, viz.,

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much used with similar views, by the German physicians more especially. — Ed.

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left side were swollen and edematous ; the edema was sero-bemor-

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The disease, however, would frequently go on in spite of every plan, or the

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of total abstinence from spirits is usually ascribed to

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One to 3 grams of chlorid of calcijim are given by the mouth.

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loops extending outward will approximate a circle, and

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Case 125. — Operator, Alfred Parkin : 1893. Dorsal region ;

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40 cents a day per patient. The total amount given in that

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Cass County {JX. J>.) Xedical Association. — ^The first

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N. MoNKOE DoDSON. M.D., to Miss Agnes Bendick, both of

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sufficiently virulent to produce typical measles, however,

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every way similar, to one I applied the nitrate of silver and calomel^ for

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of peritoneal inflammation may be observed. The spontaneous

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obstructed uterus and tubes, in the omentum and ovaries and

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are taken to spur on and still further exhaust an already

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The solutions should not be irritating. Ordinarily a .6 to 2

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Kernig's sign was present. A positive diagnosis of meningitis

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about to devour them, that the bell is tolling the hour for their execution,

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of the albumen which remains when yolk of egg is treated in a similar

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Suppuration and cerebral inflammation do not always give rise to suppu-

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doubts in my own mind as to the propriety of an operation on a subject so