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of the physician or surgeon ; look, and, if possible, examine the
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The stone acted as a " ball-valve," and caused icterus, when it lay
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February 24, 1895. He had been suffering from catheter-fever prior to oper-
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dous intnicranial pressure, which rendered it impossible to raise the occip-
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seems to point to an infection. In two cases the absence of bacteria in the
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becomes more marked ; the pulse rises very high ; the skin assumes
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ammonia, well diluted w^ith six parts of water. 1.9. — Pupils
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pneumonia under antitoxin, while that from laryngeal stenosis and sepsis
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from the introduction of water and air. This patient
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ple, and the head being extended backward, an almost straight line can be
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Esmarch says, spores from some sources can be killed
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been injected with colored paraffin. (See colored plates I and II.)
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was so great that the induction of labor was not considered justifiable.
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needle and thread made between sigmoid flexure and transverse
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Duat'omic analogies between acute articular rheumatism and
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aa rheumatic fever (8 cases), malaria (3 cases), typhoid fever
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There are further groups of cases of organic change in which fever
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Hospital May, 1895. Menstruation first appeared at thirteen years
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deed, the amount of alcohol in these beers is altogether too small to
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Wright holds that it has a relation with morbid conditions in
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factory than the results from any of the peripheral operations. The
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12), may be accomplished by washing the sediment two or three times with
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in weight, looks verj- strong, and says she feels entirely well.
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almost voluntary, but which he distinctly stated were not under his con-
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the aid of the health officer to enforce a proper hygiene.
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twenty different bacteria from human beings and nine
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The fibers from the mucous membrane along the side of
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weak. Reaction to both currents feeble. Ptosis ; ocular paralysis. Death.
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phagadenic pericementis, ptyalism and interstitial gin-
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