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Basket Ball Camp News!

Lou has returned to Atlanta to play for his hometown Atlanta Hawks!

The Lou Williams Basketball Camp has returned to South Gwinnett High School this summer.


Space is limited so register now.

Board of Directors

Anthony Heath President
Brian Kelly Vice President
Victoria Bateman
Stephanie Savage
Joan Flores
Clay Hunter
Victor McGautha Advisory Board
Reginald Wilkes
Advisory Board
Janice Faulkner Executive Director
Kimberly Haynes,Esq. Creative Consultant/Legal Expert

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Mission Statement

Striving to empower and inspire youth by combining athletics, education, and positive mentorship to motivate them to reach their highest level of success.

Pizza with Lou!

Lou Williams Foundation Programs
Academic Baller

 Annually, the Lou Williams Foundation, Inc.  will choose three high school basketball students and challenge them to make outstanding academic achievements. The Lou Williams Foundation, Inc.  will target students from Memphis, Tennessee, Snellville, Georgia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Locations that are significant to Louis (Lou) Williams, read more....

Basketball Camps

Atlanta Basketball Camp

 Lou conducts a basketball camp each summer at his alma mater, South Gwinnett High School in Snellville, Georgia. The program helps to raise confidence, as well as, offer intense, specialized basketball instruction with an emphasis on the importance of being a team player. Each summer, Lou is joined by his middle school and high school coaches to help in training young athletes to further their basketball more
Philadelphia Basketball Camp
 Once Lou was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers and had settled into the city, he expressed to his mother, Executive Director of his foundation, that he wanted to have to offer a free basket-ball camp to the children of Philadelphia. The wheels were set in motion. The first two camps were held at the James L.Wright Community Center in the Mantua area.

The foundation was welcomed. more



Lou Williams Foundation Sponsors