follow that of the AM A Style Book and Editorial Manual.
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perception of light does not depend upon the rapidity with which
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<Atti Accad. Gioenia di sc. nat. in Catania, an. 78, 4. s., v. 14, mem. 6, 36 pp.
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ject to the approval of the Chairman of the Department.
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1882 aa. — Trichina-like parasites. [Abstract of 1881 w] <J. Comp. M. & S.,
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T. Belladonna to check hypersecretion of the skin and mucous
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brochure were mailed to all physicians. For further
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of the capitellum was found. In a lateral view the capitellum was
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trators, spouses, and others about concerns over al-
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position immediately after operation. Feeding should be gradual,
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yet confined were dismissed, and the Institution closed for the
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irritation induced during the gradual eruption of the tubercles.
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Medical Corps from 1942-1945. Doctor Morrison retired from
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saw some troubling health issues on the horizon. “I
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a view to arresting the disease had been tried in vain. The opera-
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securing the pedicle at its lower angle. The whole operation
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them at any of the hospitals. The nursing-homes^ are very inferior
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author(s) at cost. Address manuscripts to Medical Editor,
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prevalence of occupational hearing loss. Efforts by
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cept or reject advertising copy for any reason. Advertising rates
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Case 155. — Female, aged 50 years. First observation: Pulse-pressure, 36.
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therefore, of preventing such an issue by an early arrest of the
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drawal syndrome with increased angina probably related to increased sensitivity to catechol-
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<iirect manner. The experiments of Traube upon dogs have