for a long time from intensely severe attacks of hepatic colic,

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Professor of Physiology; Chairman of the Department of Physiology.

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1755 a. — Medica sacra; or a commentary on the most remarkable diseases men-

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is acknowledged by all observers to indicate the systolic blood-

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investigation is to administer adrenalin hypodermically in such dull,

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occurs in the poorer districts in the large cities.

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artery runs along the inner and upper part of the sac, being


These are all the more marked if, instead of ligating all the

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Howard Martin Sheafp, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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awakenings and/or early morning awakening; in patients

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Board made a change in the regulations, which allowed Dr.

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calomel purgative, to be followed by a seidlitz powder.

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the editors. COPY DEADLINE for listings is tenth of the month preceding the month of publication; e.g., copy

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teins and the general chemistry of the cell. Lectures, two a week; recitations, one a

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cular contraction has ceased, the temperature still continues to

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treated in exactly the same manner as fresh tissue. The color

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take 4 or 5 majors in Chemistry, 2 or 3 in Physics, and 1 or 2 in Geology; they should

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That’s where that quaint old railroad station comes in.

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plan. Please contact Elizabeth Allen Steffen, MD, 734 Lake

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sponsibilities, will involve coordinating the promo-

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Long, Draper Lyon, s, a, w, sp, Mason City, Iowa. A.B. (Grinnell C.) '28.

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(adjacent to clinic) has well equipped and staffed OR, com-

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serious results have followed, or at least been so closely associated with

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about the cavity which was situated in healthy tissue in the first

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one third: it was very vascular, and ulcerated on the surface.

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on this or related issues concerning medical liability

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and the subject was referred to the Chairman and Mr. Pres-

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men of badly balanced brains, men for the time being, at least^

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flex the thumb since. The hand has continued in this condi-

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patient must take much less of fluids than before. The old Banting

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500.” Such contributors will receive a specially-