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1903 a. — Die Landplanarien der madagassischen Subregion <Abhandl. d.
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consider the constitutior^al state of the patient. In the case of
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George Elmer Shambaugh, Chairman of the Department of Laryngology and
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ter, provided with a circle of booklets HO to 40 in number, and
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(3) as the rate of renewal of the atmosphere, and, inversely, (4)
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movements or twitchings of the muscles (fibrillation). She has en-
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ed fatally either from scepticaeraia, peritonitis, or haemorrhage,
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abdomen. The ether did not produce sickness, but she com-
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some interesting circumstances. The patient was an adult,
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and, for non-medical students, consent of instructor. Mj. Summer, Dack; Autumn,
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1891 a. — Traitement des kystes hydatiques par le lavage au sublime <Gaz. hebd.
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S. C. Peacock, Mila G. Pierce, A. M. Puris, B. L. Sargent.
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or enlarge our view of the symptomatology of the disease. Formerly
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In the second chapter is to be found a short description
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delphia : Lindsay & Blakiston, 1878. Dawson Bros.,
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discomfort in the chest, quiets nervousness and restlessness, and very
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[1901a]. — Intestinal parasites <Cycl. Dis. Child., M. & S. (Keating),- Phila.,
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what opalescent, looking like water to which a few drops of milk
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timated at $50,000, exclusive of lost revenue from a
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been taken at face value by the United States Inspec-
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The regular meeting of the society was held this evening,
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327. Protoplasm. — An account of its elementary structure, differentiation, and
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dent of practical chemistry what he needs : a hand-book that he
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patient was encouraged to use it. There was a rapid return of motion,
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weight and improvement in sj^mptoms, all points could be determined,
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the honor to occupy had endeavoured to legislate on the subject, and his;
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ports a case of interstitial infiltration as a result
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the seat of election of those ulcers so frequently caused by
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M.R.C.S. Eng., Salford. — This interesting case is brought
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the peritoneal affection was not what I had been accustomed
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plished by American physicians in their several departments,,
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Case 60. — Male, aged 52 years. First observation : Pulse-pressure, 50. First
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the community generally, whose full confidence he possessed,
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definition of “practice rationale” which indicates
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weight, and by Oct. 31st, weighed fully 122 lbs. Has become
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the glands, circulatory system, fractures, regional