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cular surface itself is not affected. The articular surface of the

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the "telangiectasis" which often accompanies acne rosacea, he

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Dr. Osier exhibited sections of the anterior tibial artery?

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done with a probe-pointed, lachrymal knife, or a fine probe, in

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1879 y. — Neue Beobachtungen iiber die Entwickelung und die Metamorphosen

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partment concerned at least twelve months before the date of the final examination.

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side presented a flaccid paralysis and the legs showed an increase of

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The “straight line” about leasing is — it is merely

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making a long anterior and short posterior flap, dividing the

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per cent.; second phase, 18.1 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 63.6 per cent.

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R — Dried horse serum from ,500 Cc. of fluid serum.

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states he copied from an old journal some years ago : — M.

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iology; and University of Wisconsin-Extension, Continuing

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• Published with the consent of the Medical Board.

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“Providers,” he said, “know how to work their

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the patient is then invited for further interviewing in

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1881 w. — Sur de petits helminthes enkystes qui peuvent etre facilement confondus

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of the aortic valves, these structures being converted into irre-

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pital receives patients of every religious denomination. Absolutely

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February 5, 1862. Dr. Shaw, in the ^Lnnual Report for

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spared. In the upper segTnents of the cervical cord there was bilateral

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signed work on Saturdays and afternoons but reading requirements and extra laboratory

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Are you a member of the State Medical Society of Wiscon-

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der Susswassertricladen <Zool. Anz., Leipz., v. 30 (21-22), 25. Sept., pp. 702-