community to be aware of the need for special treat-
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By Hey WOOD Smith, M.A., Oxon. Physician to the Hos-
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consisted of a mass of cysts full of caseous pus, evidently
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Compcare, which is Blue Cross’ HMO, now exists in
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September 1, 1822. A nomination of an Apothecary, as
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are very important : First, that the disease is always caused
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Case XII. — Profuse haemorrhage came on immediately after
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the author from the 3. French ed., with additions as contained in the 4. German
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1891 a. — Kanshi (Disloma) oyobi juniji shokobio no sitsuken. [Clinical note on
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stories and a basement, substantially built of brick, and has a frontage
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passed to that shadow land, which sooner or later awaits each
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which he assisted Mr. Treves at an operation for fracture of the
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for such patients as shall have previously dwelt in residences of
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This was the victorious era of homoeopaths who in that day scorned
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4. The teacher and investigator will have more time to acquire by
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Dr. MuLLTN made a few observations, when it was moved by
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of Directors. He is immediate past president of the
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Ettinger ^ pointed out that in severe aniemias, when the blood-
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18. Mueller P, Vester J, Fermaglich J: Neuroleptic malignant syndrome,
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