years in additional study in order to equip themselves for the work.
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1892 a. — Delle cisti da echinococco del fegato <Collez. ital. di lett. s. med.,
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may have been superimposed upon a devitalization of the detached
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tion it was found that the limb could be flexed in any direction
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"Physicians in the following categories are exempt from paying AMA dues:
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Twenty-two years ago he had his right arm jammed between
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nancies of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder has run
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foetus," this is illustrated bj five wood engravings.
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judge was the proper person to diagnose a case of insanity, and
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later than the seventh day of graduate instruction in the quarter, or a course scheduled
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The third was a large- exceedingly stout girl, aged 21, a.
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been made with Senn Hall on all floors, and with the Presbyterian Hospital. The build-
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of the Medical Council who did not possess two qualifications — one in sur-
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days before the removal of the tube. A diphtheritic patch at
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<Hyg. Rundschau, Berl., v. 16 (14), 15. Juli, p. 766. [W a , W m .]
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way to the knee. I did not again see the patient till
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occasion. The discussion on Dr. Sayre's paper was on motion
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including brief discussions of the industrial and hygienic applications of bacteriology.
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capitulum, or eminentia capitata, as it is sometimes styled, is taken
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between this and the pylorus is a long, flat, cancerous mass,
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about six months following acceptance, and in the order in
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constantly present a dull, aching pain in the right side over the
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Belinkoff, Julius, s, a, w, sp, Newark, N.J. A.B. (Johns Hopkins U.) '27.
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organ is seen to be converted into a mass of cysts, containing a
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and legislative thrust to modify their medical liability
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long enough to produce nearly complete obliteration of the mark.
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are common. The eldest was forty four, the youngest twenty-
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Wing finished, 16. Library, 16, 35, 40, 51. Salt-water bath-
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Mere, Ludwig. [Dr., Asst., Lehrkanzel f. Dermatol, u. Syphilol., Univ. Graz.]
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schaft der Conopiden <Tijdschr. v. Entom., 's Gravenhage (1903), Deel 46
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the court as an expert witness or as an assessor, and any bribery
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city of West Allis for many years and also was one of the charter
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delphia : Lindsay & Blakiston, 1878. Dawson Bros.,
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Will consider other areas. Highly motivated competent in-