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swallowed 14 of the granules on the 25th of February and the
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presented remarkable changes, in explanation of which Dr.
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asking ourselves the question, are these things the result of
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appear to become partially insane twice a year, about the 17th
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Editorial Department. All patients are treated below the third
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years ; for two years the urine contained blood ; and for six
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compresses. This fact confirms my view expressed years ago, that
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toxicated driving to include all drugs, including over-
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First phase, 17.3 per cent.; second phase, 22.6 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase,
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After the Peninsular Campaign, with the siege of Yorktown,
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of cryoglobulins; report of 86 cases. Am J Med 1974;57:775-788. ■
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Diseases; Chief Neurologist, St. Mark's Hospital Out-Patient Department,
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of the fever ; the prominence of the nervous symptoms — stupor,
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Charles N. Pease, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Surgery (Orthopedic).
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(1880 e).— Idem [?] <Guide du nat., Par., v. 2, pp. 22-23.
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with by the non-transmission of the testes through them.
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scopolamine-morphine semi-narcosis. She would have delivered her-
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1872 a. — Note sur deux nouveaux acariens parasites du cheval. [Read 14 mars]
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makes you smell bad, and is horribly offensive to most well-bred peo-
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Attending Physicians: Drs. Frederick Tice, Archibald Hoyne, Lee Connel
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The process of suppuration appears to me to generally predominate
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Precautions: In elderly and debilitated patients, it is
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treated with the seton were greatly benefited. The author
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wound, the result of the operation, took on healthy action, and
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gradual in onset. Since three weeks has had urinary frequency, and spasm and
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that sanitary science was entirely ignored up to this time, as
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Third observation, four weeks later, after carbonated brine baths: Pulse-
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dients will be considered only if in the opinion of the
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Clinic, 5625 Washington Ave, Racine, Wis 53406; ph 414/886-