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Entringer, Albert Joseph, a, w, sp, Dubuque, Iowa. A.B. (Columbia C.) '26.
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arrange the diet in the beginning that fermentation is prevented.
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ISSUES — Caribbean, Mexican, Hawaiian, Alaskan, Mediter-
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hyperlensive effects may be enhanced in post-sympathectomy
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merce, etc., Wash., v. 3 (9), July, pp. 197-198. [MS. dated Apr. 19.] [W"\]
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once relieve the patient's suffjring, and undoubtedly prolong life,
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Hospital is situated a block south of the College. The hospital has about 50 beds for
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ison, Wis 53701; ph 608/257-6781 or toll-free in Wisconsin,
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One hundred and forty-four observations were made in cases that
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danger of catarrhal nephritis, the patient should drink two or
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Doty, Horace Welles, s, a, w, sp, Pocatello, Idaho. S.B. (U. of Idaho) '25.
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consin were reported to the Division of Health rep-
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1886 a. — Sur les granules amylaces du cytosome des gregarines <Compt. rend
Kane, Thomas Leiper, s, a, w, sp, Kane, Pa. B.S. '28.
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Certain other points, chiefly of surgical interest, might be
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thalmic goiter in three to six weeks. In 25 percent
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use of a pleural-venous shunt unattractive. Because
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physicians per year. In the years 1975 to 1978, there-
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resolutions on aspects of the issue were referred to
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constipation, when once pain has evidenced itself, is a therapeutic
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<Ibidem (5), pp. 326-346, pi. 6, figs. 1-17. [W a , W°.]
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of the medical profession and health care in Wisconsin. Its affairs are handled by the Editorial Board, subject to policy direction of the Society's
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