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be close in its effort to amend the bill to insure pas-

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and tumultuous pulse; quinine and whiskey, morphine, an.d minute

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in Category I of the AMA/PRA and 16 credit hours in Cat-

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[1886 a]. — Intorno ad una larva di nematode nell' Ateucus sacer. [Secretary's

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to escape he grasps the tumour with both hands, a towel inter-

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bearing on a question which hitherto there has been little posi-

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at least, as a side light, does not seem evident to

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which persons at intervals drink to stupor and narcotism and then

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1902 a. — Treatment of round-worms. [Abstractof 1901a] <Med. News, N. Y.,

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zoology, (2) helminthology, and (3) insects of medical importance. Particular stress is

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services into those plans. Plans must retain the right

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the Hospital, where he subsequently died, a bill of Dr.

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only involved this region but also spread into the posterior horn. In

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it makes the surgeon more careful in the after-treatment of

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Clarissa Devney, A.B., M.D., Assistant in Ophthalmology.

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case the practice was satisfactory, as evidenced by the state of

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In Chapter IV. the author discusses the subject of the

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floating ribs posteriorly and from the clavicle to the ^imbilicus ante-

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to bed, for some weeks. The symptoms were prostration, loss of appe-

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1883 b. — Untersuchungen fiber die mesodermalen Phagocyten einiger Wirbeltiere

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fracture being at the top of the lower third. Impaction might

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mains if sufficient, true diagnosis and treatment are many times dis-

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that this is only one of the remedies necessary, and, unless applied

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3. Successful completion of the Master's examination, designed to test not merely

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lawsuit for malpractice may very well be instituted.

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The differentiation offers difficulties, but not obstacles. So, like-