Edmund Jacobson, Ph.D., M.D., Research Associate in Physiology.
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years as a field consultant. She previously worked in
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meet the indications for which the drugs mentioned are more generally
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Weekly returns are published, and the announcement in this
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may choose the institution in which they desire to pursue research. Applications should
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tion of the venous current in the lowered vitality and feeble
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tenderness on pressure, general distention or local accumulations
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ondary schools and academies. 232 pp., figs. 12°. New York, Cincinnati,
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Disease.— C. JuM refers to the excellent results recently
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tubes. The boy has since been sitting up every day, and appears
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July 7th. — Excision performed. Much pulpy degeneration
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tional condition capable of causing them. And against the idea of
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due to the great dilution in which radium was found, one might say ;
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cal, surgical, gynecologic) one pyonephrosis; 7,636
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work, and students completing four years of college work will go far beyond these sug-
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notice at our hands. This is an American edition revised by the
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on this apparatus is very striking. Not infrequently little children
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1897 c. — Parasites intestinaux en Chine. [Abstract] <Rev. scient., Par., an.
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1872 g. — Memoire sur un nouvel acarien psorique du genre Symbiote <Ibidem
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Dr. Leopold in the Arcldv fiir Gyncecologie^ on the struc-
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Stuttg., v. 6 (1), 1. Jan., pp. 5-12; (3), 1. Miirz, pp. 39-42, figs. 1-6; (4), 1. Apr.,
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the leakage of the serum of the blood into the stomach and intestines.
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beautiful Compressed Tablets of Chlorate of Potash. The latter
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hand into the uterus, the removal of the placenta, and the sub-
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Operative results are so influenced by the care of surgical patients