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of indigo in the urine, such as colic ; it also frequently appeared
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Sweeley, William Jennings, a, w, sp, Vermilion, S.D. S.B. (U. of South Dakota) '28;
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Miller, W. McN. [Bacteriologist, Nevada Agric. Exper. Station.]
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It will be interesting to follow the progress of the
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On the excretory function of the liver, by Austin Flint, Jr., M.D.
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pain on pressure about the joint, but especially half way down
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cians. On motion of Dr. G. W. Campbell, Dr. Drake was
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age for all illnesses except psychiatric illness.”
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into the wound, you roll it round and expose the posterior
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religious and moral books to be given to patients on leaving the
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support to a “freeze” on physician reimbursement
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almost black, as if necrosis of the part was beginning. Careful
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who agTeed as to the diagnosis and gave an unfavorable opinion.
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Lond., v. 3 (4 ). Jan., pp. 379-405. [MS. dated Dec, 1835.] [W ft , W.]
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Gustafson, Carl Arthur, s, a, w, sp, Virginia. B.S. (Illinois C.) '16.
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