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Catherine A. MacAuliff, Librarian of Rush Medical College.

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Specimen of hydronephrotic kidneys and enlarged ureters ( Fig. 3 ) 246

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6. Asch T, Milikow E, Gump F: Giant gas cyst of the sigmoid. Radiology

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.4Mj. M., Th., 9:00-11:00. 48 hours. Limited to 15 students. Autumn, Sanford;

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Pyelogram showing more detinitely the outlines ol the left ureter and renal pelvis.

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1899 a. — La mue et l'enkvstenient chez les nematodes <Ibidem, 3. s., v. 7, pp.

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Case 88. — Female, aged 33 years. First observation : Pulse-pressure, 35. First

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X-ray taken while patient was on the jack and sling, showing separation of the