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55 County societies: Marinette-Florence . . . Winne-
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mation of the bowels in 1844. About 12 years ago suffered
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or sugar. Excision of the joint was performed by Dr. Fenwick
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The persistence of the severe pains, in spite of the complete
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condition which not unfrecjuently obtains in this affection.
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the abdomen on the 17th, pains began on the 18th, and at 11.30
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14.0 per cent.; second phase, 28.0 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 58.0 per cent.
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resource is solvent now. However, the loss reserves
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and swelling outside have disappeared. If I find much heat of
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rapidly; and the following days, the same treatment being
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as well as the Imal responsibility of the entire publication The Editorial Director is responsible for Editorials In Editorials, official positions
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which meets weekly for the presentation of the research work of members of the Depart-
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mise. Mr. Gray knew no higher standard of right or of duty
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And this is best accomplished with infants while bathing daily by put-
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1904 a. — [Anaemia with Bothriocephalus latus.] [Japanese text] <Gun Igaku
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body ; to make the nurse keep up the pressure on the fundus
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by the Physicians and Surgeons. These rules and regulations
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cases. Of the 500 cases in question, 482 were by lithotrity,
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the Hospital, under the superintendence of Mr. Dexter.
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his agent to obtain written permission from the author and
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Let me give you an example of what our united labour does.
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knee, immediately above the patella. The axis of the left thigh
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^rim to the extent of 3J inches without causing her too much
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injuries were of such a nature as to require prompt surgical attention, a physi-
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country and abroad. In the preface the author modestly states
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for her living and could neither indulge in a long-
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1905 b.— Idem. [Reviewed by V. Griffon] <Presse med.. Par., v. 13 (49). 21
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teaches that in the present state of our knowledge, no matter how
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Jesse H. Roth, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Laryngology and Otology.
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plead that we should do all we can, but in our zeal take care not to
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sive practice in the city of P . The patient, who complained to him of
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was taken from the integument covering the upper part of
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form as well in function, but the lungs possess no functional activity
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during the passage of the faeces over the ulcerated surface.
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very creditable production, and contains much material which
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— Mr. Bryant gave an account of such an injury, occurring to
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and regards it as of great diagnostic value in obscure abdominal