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James C. Ellis, S.B., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery.

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tinuing Education Opportunities for Physicians for period March 1, 1984 through August 31, 1984.

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diabetes, and points out the desirability of a systematic exam-

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Juneau County Medical Society and a delegate to the

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hypertensive effects may be enhanced in post-sympathectomy

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1889 c. ā€” Idem. [Reviewed by von Etlinger] <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. u. Para-

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tion. If there is hyperacidity, Karlsbad is indicated for the strong,

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1698 cā€” Musca pulex vel cimex <Ibidem, obs. 131, pp. 295-297, fig. 36. [W m .]

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been in the treatment of that form of facial paralysis depending:

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Stetler and O'Hara, to take the matter into consideration, and

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is doing the major part of his work. Students in departmental service pay their tuition

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444 pages of the volume. We would draw attention to the

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Asher F. Sippy, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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issue is due July 20. Send copy to: Wisconsin Medical Journal, Box 1109, Madison, Wisconsin 53701; or phone

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a large baby. Her letter is an interesting personal testimonial, which

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ing Bureau. Currently he serves as secretary of the

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diligently in the pursuit of that thorough knowledge of the

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Second observation, one month later: Pulse-pressure, 68. First phase, 7.3

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pital, in a young man aged 21 years, and he was admitted into

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[Review of 1859 a, by Camille Le Blanc] <Rec de med. vet., Par., v. 39,

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consent, the body of an insane wife to the surgeon's knife as it evidently is in

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lamine-morphine or hyoscine-morphine, or the later combination of

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Elephantiasis of the leg, operated upon by ligation of the

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