have the authorization to promulgate a rule contrary
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ence of amino-acids in the water surrounding the diffusion shell or
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pork tapeworm in not being provided with a circle of booklets
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medical setting. Such outbursts usually catch care-
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lbs., during the last 10 days he has lost 10 lbs. Diet changed
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vals, we would not hesitate to draw blood from the arm. By so
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o'clock, he was well and cheerful, at G he made a sudden rush
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knowlege there gained in some order of arrangement in his
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bitter taste, excessive salivation, anorexia, euphoria,
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Charles Sumner, December 17, 1839, to March 21, 1841.
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tics. If it acts, as it is said to do, more effectively than other cathartic
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vital powers with unimpeded respiration, or, as in a few instances,
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yet be obtained. It was then " voted that the Chairman of the
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offence, quite independent of his mental state, whether it be
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held in most major cities across the country or “by
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4. The teacher and investigator will have more time to acquire by
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A total transverse lesion of the cord in poliomyelitis must be a
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will be responsible for administering the Society’s
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MAY 15-18, 1984: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Computed
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ophthalmology, dermatology, surgery, and radiology are now offered as outlined in a
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<Zool. Anz., Leipz., v. 30 (8-9), 5. Juni, pp. 289-297, figs. 1-6. [MS. dated
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broke dowoi or was weakened in its protective properties. With her
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of many different kinds of special interest and ability. No college training can fail to
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Against this view may be stated the fact that his children, five in
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duties of his office, and to request his acceptance of a gold
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" And the Committee recommend that he be requested by the
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Tralliani de lumbricis epistola [etc.]. 3 p. 1., 468 pp., 14 1. 12°. Franeo-
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of your time. You will broaden your professional expe-
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tube. The dressing is kept moist with sterile water or normal saline
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until twelve grains of the former and ono-eighth of a grain of
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task for the attendant. The use of the bedpan and the urinal will be
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status, repeatedly encouraging them to consistently wear
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The profession of law assumes the doctrinaire position that representa-
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book, however, is a very valuable one, and will doubtless soon
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Howell, Llewelyn, s, a, w, Fargo, N.D. B.S. (North Dakota Agricultural C.) '26.
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small communities in East Central Wisconsin. Attractive income
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due to the more feeble resistance of the diplococcus to temperature re-
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Norman T. Welford, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics.
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of J90I a. by Frick| Deutsche thierarztl. Wchnschr.j Harinov., v. 10 (7),