2. It stops uterine hemorrhage, whether due to a diseased myo-
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greater or less extent as a consequence of the thrombosis. The
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the nose, after Taliacotius, in the one instance, the flap was
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1903 a, by E. Leclainche] <Rev. gen. de med. vet., Toulouse (57), an. 3,
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and in the subclavians ; an aortic diastolic murmer not very loud
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Autumn: General Medicine with special reference to diseases of the heart and
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while, our poor-houses and prisons must swarm, and the gallows groan
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ment of additional physicians. Contact Administrative Services,
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obtain a broad scientific foundation, including work in the cognate sciences. Specifically,
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corporate entities in medical care delivery and in-
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ocdematous rales are heard at the roots of the lun«2;s. The liver
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2. Physical and medical examination. — Every medical student must report at the
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variably the surgeon would smilingly acquiesce, even if he had to be
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John Frank Waugh, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Dermatology.
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area involved, is almost always relieved, if it be not prevented, by the
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apnoca and asphyxia, the tongue had been withdrawn, only in
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other nations, a mere unit. We cannot afford to split up into
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polygamy is not only a breach of the moral, but a breach of the
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359. Diseases of the Kidneys. — Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Limited to
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first time was able to separate the lids. Pupils have a tendency
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The whole book is freely illustrated with tables,' and in the
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1893 a. — Ueber Psorospermosen <Mitih. d. Ver. d. Aerzte in Steiermark, Graz,
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flats lying between the Hospital grounds and the Harbor Com-
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tribute to the formation of the walls of the abscess.
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panied with fever. ^Yhile in recent years attempts have been made to