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Dosage: Individualize for maximum beneficial effect

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The same author (Frerichs) alludes to four, or possibly five,

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Madison, Wisconsin 53715; tel 608/256-7781 . 2-3/84

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Lumbar section of cord of monkey, showing a diffuse infiltration in anterior

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[Report of Jouquan, 1892 a] ^Ibidem (22), 30 nov., pp. 663-665. [YV a . W m .]

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the author dealt with somewhat in detail. The first was in the

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sueroterap. [etc.] de Alfonso 13, Madrid, v. 1 (3), 30 sept., pp. 135-136, 1 pi., figs.

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George Howitt Weaver, M.D., Professor of Pathology.

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1899 a. — Phagocvtosis in malarial fever (quartan) <J. Trop. M., Lond., v. 2

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such a position as to involve the optic nerve as well as the third,

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465 B WARF Bldg, 610 Walnut St, Madison, Wis 53705; ph 608/

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