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powdered extract, or, when possible, fresh calf's, pig's, or sheep's
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The next ten cases of which I have a note occurred in the
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Flaherty served as flight surgeon in the United States
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Bond, Floyd Melbourne, s, Oberlin, Ohio. A.B. (Oberlin C.) '27.
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drachm of chloroform are placed in a bottle, and inhaled several
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the different lesions. The work is well written and
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are dizziness or lightheadedness, peripheral edema,
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to the student of medicine, and we heartily commend it to our
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less cause for regret. Passing on to consider the more devel-
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First phase, 9.3 per cent.; second phase, 14.0 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase,
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VII. Diseases of metabolism : (a) Obesity, 8; (5) alcoholism, 9;
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of scientific papers. The volume of 1913 contained over eight
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April 7, 1826. A free bed for life was placed at the disposal
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means, by this form of cooperative effort in the health-service of the
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patients a re i ncomplete. Please see PROCARDIA brief summary on adjoining page
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three days are allowed to intervene between the doses. In
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amputations and other operations were performed by students.
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undescended testes. Radiology 1 979(Oct) 1 33(1): 181-183.
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for long-term care in Wisconsin were in skilled care
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Practical instruction is given in the methods of making post-mortem examinations and
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of the earliest prodromal stage. This is analogous to the oedema of
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immediate relief of the most prominent symptom. He was seen
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where a broad tile staircase extends to the upper floors, dividing into
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occur, and the number of reported cases in children
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removing the thyroid for hyperthyroidism is operating on the end
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Walnut St, Madison, Wis 53705; tel: 608/263-2856. 2/84
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tapering of dosage for those patients on medication