under chapter 243 of the Acts of 1867, the Secretary stated
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nose and cheek : it did not, however, ulcerate. The eye-ball,
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services on a “closed-panel” basis. Enactment of
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occupy* about 300 pages of reading matter, and form a most
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different stages of development. In the former the first step
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obtain definite results, patients must sit for at least two hours a day
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in the bath so long as he can comfortably remain — the longer the
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Kidneys. —Right, 9^ oz. ; left, 8 oz., of a greyish-yellow
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" A skunk once challenged a lion to single combat. The lion de-
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a spastic hemiplegia, with or without epileptifomi seizures, or, if only
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AND Surgical Journal for February gave me. It is headed
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gested and the follicles in each very distinct. The solitary
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1901 a. — The mosquito as transmitter of microorganisms < Scient. Am. Suppl.,
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consultation with the instructor in neurology. A good knowledge of general anatomy,
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details of refinements in the test are discussed. An
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highly the liberality and wisdom of this act of charity, and
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other causes than the administration of quinia salts, and to be
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phase, 40.4 per cent.; fourth phase, 12.7 per cent. C. S. : C. W. : : 65.9 : 33.9.
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