much in them. What is new in his books is of questionable

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Berlin, W1 54923; tel: 414/361-1313, ext 583. 1-7/84

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unable to produce oedema of the subcutaneous connective tissue,

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published a paper on '* a peculiar form of Disease of the Heart

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patient was a girl, aged 15 years. There were two patients aged 77

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erysipelatous character. This circumstance, together with the

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corrective action to halt the implementation of the

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erect on the Hospital grounds, a building for surgical opera-

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taking of the history and the examination of the patient, the making of routine labora-

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anatomical problems. Suitably trained persons, who have the time to do such work, will

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1886] <Atti Soc. d. nat. di Modena, Rendic, 3. s., v. 3, pp. 18-21. [W c .]

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1900 b. — Due osservazioni zooparassitologiche. [Read 30giugno] <Gior. r. Soc.

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In thirty-nine of these the C. S. factor was greater than the C. W,

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nephritis, puerperal convulsions, infantile remittent, together

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1853 a. — Idem. 2. ed., revised and enlarged, xvi 4-17-711 pp. 8°. Philadel-

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November 10, and then laid upon the table for future consid-

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It's that everyone does. Why not call or visit? Then you'll be sure.

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than English (German or French preferred) ; this knowledge is tested by an examination

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Liq. Ammonite, glycerine, sulphuric ether, solution of alum,

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this therapy works in this group of patients, it prob-

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covered when one looks at the patient from the front and compares

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puerperal cases is essentially the same as that of such cases as

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fidence of the public as an advocate of learning and ability^

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and invade fresh portions of the respiratory tract despite the

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ings from the sore; if negative for the spirocheta,

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always mechanical and implies failure to maintain correct watchful-

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of the cold friction bath in typhoid fever; I mentioned that, the

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The clinical indications for the procedure were ab-

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often possible for you to feel it on examination with the finger

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1876 c — On the organization of the Acarina of the family Gamasidse; characters

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urged in behalf of the surgeon in this case, but the Appellate Court, in

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ical Society of Wisconsin (SMS) and is not prepared on a consolidated

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** Includes those with hearing threshold levels > 40 dB.

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The eyes, according to Holt,'* should be blindfolded and the ears