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creeds can work harmoniously together for the promotion of the

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1856 b. — Die Behandlung der Schafriiude mit Alaun-Arsenik-Auflosung. [Ab-

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In previous papers read before this Society I endeavoured to

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viewers often have only small offices, with furniture

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lost appetite and became thin and weak. He was obliged to take

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disease alter about eleven months ot nifedipine therapy The relationship to PROCARDIA therapy is

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bladder, associated with enlarged prostate, in elderly men, in

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Small clot in left ventricle, which is well contracted. Orifices

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during the Summer Quarter. Each quarter. Each course -|Mj. Prerequisite: 2 majors

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201. General Bacteriology. — Lectures on the fundamental facts of bacteriology,

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ment of every European physician in that part of the world is to

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Case 50. — Male, aged 67 years. Pulse-pressure, 89. No phases.

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Edwin Oakes Jordan, Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor of Bacteriology; Chairman of the

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time in alleviating the saflferings of the poor in the public hospitals of this

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Marion Smoot Needels, A.B., Instructor in Pathology.

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and of the highest standard of education, still hold to the old

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specimen of ulceration of the bowel, with plugging of the

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ter there will be given two clinical periods in Diseases of the Heart in Children, Buhr-

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treatment of the diseases of the eye, that many ulcers of the

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child, after which it is returned to the institution, where it is


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AUGUST 9-1 1 , 1 984: Fourth Annual Green Lake Conference,

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the lungs ; the right heart gets over-loaded, the systemic veins

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vices gave him leave of al)sence for a year, with a continuation

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<Sibirsk. Vrach. Viedom., Krasnoyarsk, v. 1, pp. 225-229. [\Y m .] *

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his life is defeated by the very means that he foolishly took in order

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error, as our legislation is by no means embarrassed. AVc have

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We wourd suggest that, should this occur on the present

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ceptions include one case each arising from the trans-