Exper. Station, Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville, v. 18 (1), Jan., p. 10. [ VV a .]

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zations and preferred provider plans were handled in

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Dr. Reeve, seconded by Dr. Zimmerman, then moved a vote

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The little boy became very thin during his illness, and con-

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for health insurance), yet high enough not to cause

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October 20, 1909, when he was first seen by Dr. Kinlock. Before

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On the first 46 tracheotomy was done without delay, with a

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1904 c — Sanitary conditions in the home and on the farm <Bull. 89, S. Carolina

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Ilomann has shown it to prevail at Christiansund, in 62^ north

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seminum is administered in powder or in pills, in the dose of

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of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association, Wis-

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The following gentlemen of the class of "77 have proceeded

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tioned that, while a few hours before crisis ensues the patient may be

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Edward Bucknam, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery (Genito-urinary).

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ous rubbing may be substituted. When acute symptoms subside, then a

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general favourite, a fluent speaker, full of wit and humour, and

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charges and some may also enter the bronchi, we can explain at times

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year-old; successful treatment by transcutaneous nerve stimulation.

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known thermal baths, such as Gastein, Miinster, and Toplitz-

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the operation after the healing of the punctures is not necessary

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chiefly at the base, are small, white, firm granules, feeling to the

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18 Current status and treatment of tennis elbow, by

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The Sydney Walker III Scholarship in Physiology, established by Dr. Sydney

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of special symptoms following shock, physiologically considered.

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John Ralston Lindsay, S.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology.

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Dblivehbd in behalf of the Medical Faculty op McGill University.

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tion. Some physicians have not made the identifica-

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M. took food at intervals, and was cheerful and chatty,

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favorable, but the plan was defeated by conflicting

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states that in reality the mortality of the American troops