pany. From these it appeared that between 1850 and 1897 — a period

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sidered, it is apparent that the toxicity is demon-

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stimulating application to arm (lin. camphorae) and a light

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been afforded the students of certain of the London medical

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from four minutes to two minutes and from five minutes to one and a

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the palms of both hands. The colour of the patient during

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take measures for finishing the portico or pediment of the

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used both these medicines for more than twenty years he

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tion was passed the vote by which all persons who have served,

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you divert the faeces from passing through the rectum, you at

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11.7 per cent.; second phase, 29.4 per cent.; third phase, 54.1 per cent.; fourth

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de Par., 30 avril] <J. gen. de med., chir. et pharm., Par., v. 88, 2. s., v. 27,

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its action would be upon the skin : it refreshes by the local shock, and

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an administrative revocation procedure for drivers’

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with an immersion lens, in order that he may become familiar with the same instrument

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Jan. L7] J. Linn. Sec. Lond., Zool. (102), v. 17.' Feb. 29, pp 371-394, pi. 15,

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mined. If hyperkalemia develops, substitute a thiazide alone,

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mi. ster., 5 spd, $8,500. Wanted: 1937 Ford Phaeton

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radium. After fourteen days it persisted in but three patients, and

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Society members. It will remind physicians that the

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steps to correct, encourage, or lead individuals and

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is hard and remittent, gives rise later on to a sensation of deep fluctua-

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of degeneration, usually shght in amount. In five instances

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paralysis agitans ; he also complained of want of sleep. This has

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Susan Dimmock, asking leave to share the educational advan-

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vaso-motor and trophic neurosis. Hemicrania, angina pectoris,

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due to the invasion of the epineurium by the cancer-cells.

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II. Cardiovascular diseases: (a) Fibroid myocarditis, 17; (h)

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busy. Otolaryngology Department has one young, Board

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dimensions, the inner stratum of gliosis on the right side of the

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Stethoscopic signs. — No rales heard anteriorly. Heart's

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ments are literally true. We could mention several instances

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