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code of by-laws and regulations for the College of Physicians and Surgeons

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repeated testing of the tactile, thei-mal, postural, and pain sensibility

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for its purpose the care, cure, and education of helpless and crippled children.

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there exist, all told, nine described cases of chronic anterior poliomye-

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to see and handle its effects on the various organs and tissues of

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tial treatment standards for alcohol and drug abuse

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impression that it would allay and calm her fears."

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mission’s areas of concentration: health care delivery

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case, of course, it was important ^to remember that they had to

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aneurism at the right root of the neck. He had been engaged

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Two specimens of prostatic disease. One, exhibited for Dr.

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tinuing Education Opportunities for Physicians for period March 1, 1984 through August 31, 1984.

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perature that had occurred was 100^ Fahr. on the morning

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quence of attempts of this kind, though they are much oftener the

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becoming pouched and atheromatous. Subsequently incompe-

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establish a Pathological Museum at the Hospital. Whereupon

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Arthur Schwarcz, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Surgery (Genito-urinary).

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1872 g. — Memoire sur un nouvel acarien psorique du genre Symbiote <Ibidem

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The patient, a tailor, 39 years old, was well until May, 1909.

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but the manner of selection is all-important. Attorneys should have

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April 17, 1868. Permisision was granted, on request, to

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below, to the extent of about J of an inch, was found. As this

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one of the employees on the road. The scalp wounds are three^

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“It’s the doctors who really went berserk,” Offner

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Case 133. — Female, aged 25 years. Pulse-pressure, 36. First phase, 16.6 per

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In one case, a female, aged 38 years, in whom a diagnosis of

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Mosquitoe Naturw. Wchnschr.. Jena, v. 17. n. F.. v. 1 (17). 26. Jan., pp. 193-198,

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progress. The same cannot be claimed by popular magazines and

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colour — as in the volumetric process- — has to be watched until]

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home in this country. Ho settled in the neighbourhood of